Todd Walkenhorst - Commissioner

Todd has been involved with indoor football since 2011, primarily with the Omaha Beef organization and the CIF. He brings experience to the position, including time with the Kansas City Chiefs in 1998 and with the Seattle Seahawks in 1999-2004. Walkenhorst also has a vast business background, including startup software companies, and currently operates a consulting company and investment real estate business.

“This has been a transition that we have discussed for a while,” Walkenhorst said. “I am grateful to the league and the owners who have worked with me to make this timing work for everybody involved. I know that Ricky was ready to put more time into the Omaha franchise, and this is a year that really needed his extra focus. It is obviously a challenging time for all businesses and people. I am looking forward to working with our teams, players, and fans to move forward through this season and beyond.”