CIF Takes Over Operations of Billings and Rapid City

Champions Indoor Football will take over day to day operations of both the Billings Outlaws and Rapid City Marshals. Over the next few weeks, the league will work with staff to preserve each market by doing a full financial accounting of each market and will work with vendors, players, and coaches to ensure indoor football is played in both markets in the coming seasons.

The CIF Board of Directors issued a statement on the action. Full statement below:

“The CIF believes in both markets. The fans and corporate partners in both Billings and Rapid City have shown they want indoor football. We will assign full time personnel to both markets to do a full accounting of the operations and to identify and vet new ownership for each team. The fans in Billings and Rapid City can have confidence that indoor football will return in 2023.”

Both the Billings and Rapid City markets have had tremendous support in attendance and corporate partnerships.

Announcements will be made in the coming weeks with new ownership groups for each team.